Welcome to Mini Maestros Music!

Mini Maestros Music classes provide your child with their first musical theatre experience and are designed to be first step in your child’s musical journey.  The sessions are a perfect mix of exciting performance using voice, live music and puppets and opportunities to learn basic musical concepts and explore different instruments (including the voice!). Classes also help to introduce playing together, sharing, turn-taking and allow your child to experience the joy of listening to and making music with their family members and peers.  These classes build on listening skills, imagination, play, early musicianship and above all are fun for everyone!

Our Classes


 Mini Maestros Music offers classes for babies and children from the ages of 6 months - 5 years and their families.

Siblings under 6 months are welcome to come to the classes free of charge and we offer a 20% sibling discount for those attending the classes.


We understand that children develop at their own rate, so classes are labelled by age to give parents and carers a guide as to which class to book.


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Mini Maestros Minis (6 months - 18 months)


These classes are designed to give babies their first taste of musical engagement. Full of fun for babies and their parents/carers with songs, puppets, tactile play, lots of instruments to explore and plenty of bouncing!


Mini Maestros Masters (18 months - 3 years)


We continue to work on the basic foundations of musical education in these classes and look more carefully at beat and rhythm, note value and connecting the body and voice. This class is full of fun and allows your toddler to burn off some of that lovely toddler energy!

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Family Music (6 months - 5 years)


Fun for all the family and all are welcome; siblings, parents, carers, grandparents. This class combines different musical activities that children (and adults) of all ages can enjoy!