About Us

Mini Maestros Music classes have developed out of my own musical knowledge and experience and I am currently the tutor for all of the classes.


I trained at the University of Winchester to gain my degree in Music and Theatre. Since graduating in 2008 I have built up a repertoire of both performing and teaching work. My early work was as Musical Director for Focus on the Arts Ltd, a registered charity working with gifted and talented children, following which I worked on learning schemes for London Youth Orchestra, South East Dance and Kent County Council.


I have worked for many years as a professional singer performing at large corporate events, festivals and musicals and have collaborated regularly on projects with West End performers, musicians and Early Years specialists.

Whilst performing (and auditioning!), I also worked as a specialist Paediatric Therapy Instructor where I worked extensively with children with profound needs and autism. Following on from that, I worked with HQ Theatres to lead on arts education and outreach programmes as well as advising on audience development, accessibility and family theatre. 

Alongside teaching Mini Maestros classes, which I love, I also work as a singing, voice and drama teacher and produce theatre performances.

I started Mini Maestros Music as I believe that music is important at every age and can enhance experiences and learning throughout our lives.  I am very passionate that the earlier a child is introduced to music, the more they will have an aptitude for learning an instrument as well as a better understanding of important musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch and note values.  I also feel that it is very important for children and their families to have access to exceptional teaching and performance within professional spaces and venues. 

I am also currently studying for a Certificate of Early Years Musical Education and have undertaken a lot of personal development and upskilling in Early Years Education, Puppetry, Inclusivity and Diversity and Early Years Music Development thanks to my Arts Council Funding. 


The classes follow a more holistic approach, are in-line with the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and while are adult led, are very child focussed! Plus in classes, we have so much fun - so I hope you come and join us!



Kelly is a dynamic and personable practitioner, the room was always brought to life in her Mini Maestros Music sessions.  Kelly’s in-depth knowledge and early years development shone through in her session as she created highly engaging and animated session for young children to learn about music.

Her ability to develop strong rapports with parents and their children was always a pleasure to witness. She had a personal bond and way of connecting with each child and nurtured their development in each session.

Rachel Triggs, Community & Education Manager, HQ Theatres

Kelly is fantastic at working with families and young children and the class was extremely popular. It offered parents the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical concepts and ideas with their little ones and no doubt inspired them to use music as a fun tool or learning and development at home.

Sophie Lander, Producer, Dance East